If you’re a true PC gamer, then choosing the best gaming PC should be taken seriously.

There are several factors that you need to consider and certain features that will boost your experience. Some of those will be personal while others will be critical requirements that need to be included. This guide will not only show you how to choose your next gaming PC but also give you suggestions that might match up to what you’re looking for.

How to Choose the Best Gaming PC


One of the most important specs you can look for when perusing all your choices of Gaming PCs is the GPU. Whether you’re fine with plain old 1080p or you want 4K resolution, always consider the graphics card first. This isn’t only about resolution quality but also processing power overall. Also, when it comes to the graphics card, pay attention to the amount of video memory that it has.


Both the CPU and GPU are extremely important when picking out a PC with fantastic performance.
You should get a CPU that is just as or nearly as powerful as your graphics card. Most gaming PCs come with a 7th generation Intel i7 processor and thus are more than capable to run demanding games.


If you do get a high-quality graphics card and plan on gaming frequently and fervently, cooling is an important factor. Internal components will generate a lot of heat and may be damaged without proper cooling.


Games tend to be quite large and so need an adequate amount of RAM to temporarily store files and processes. Usually, around 8GB of RAM should be enough for most games but going up to 16 won’t hurt. Also, check if the RAM can be expanded or upgraded to increase performance.

12 Best Gaming Computers to Buy in 2019

iBUYPOWER Slate 9210

Fast Gaming PC With a Powerful CPU

ibuypower slate 9210

Featuring an Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7GHz 6-core processor, the iBUYPOWER Slate 9210’s power is amplified by its 8GB GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card and 16GB of RAM.

With a combined storage capacity of 1TB HDD and 240 SSD, you have enough space to store your favorite games. The Slate 9210’s powerful hardware, VR Ready capabilities, and comparatively reasonable price make it a great gaming PC.

  • Fast loading speed
  • Good value for money
  • Motherboard’s RAM speed is capped at 2400MHz

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Origin Millennium

The Best Choice for Customization

origin millennium

The Origin Millennium offers 5 different Dual Intel Xeon CPUs ranging from 10-core to 18-core processors. All tech specs and customizable add-ons can be found here.

At 30lbs, it is one of the heavier PCs, weighing almost twice that of the Corsair One Pro’s.

  • Tons of configuration options and customization possibilities
  • Heavy

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Compact and Powerful

asus gr8 ii-6gt024z

Asus is known for making great gaming PCs and the ASUS GR8 II-6GT024Z mini PC is no different.

It’s packed with an Intel Core i7-7700 processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, as well as a customized ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.

Also, the Asus GRB II comes with a neat, little plastic handle at the top so you can carry it with ease.

  • Compact and light
  • Limited overclocking potential
  • Limited upgrades besides the SSD and RAM

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Alienware Aurora R7

Best PC for VR Gaming

alienware aurora r7

Best suited for hardcore gaming, the Alienware Aurora R7 – 8th Gen comes equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700 processor, 16GB DDR4 Memory, a 2TB Hard Drive + 32GB Intel Optane, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X graphics card, and Windows 10 64-bit Operating System.

It lets you run essential programs in the background on lower power mode with the new Always Ready Mode, access customizable gameplay with AlienAdrenaline, and use OC controls to monitor your memory and overclocking levels.

It was difficult to find any shortcomings on this system, other than its lack of portability which is to be expected with all its high-end hardware.

  • Tool-less accessibility
  • Powerful CPU
  • Heavy

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SkyTech Omega

Good Value For Money

skytech omega

The SkyTech Omega is packed with an Intel i7-7700K 4.2Ghz processor and a GTX 1080 8GB graphics card. Processing operations are further enhanced by 16GB DDR4 RAM that sits in a Z270 Motherboard.

The SkyTech Omega comes with a cool chassis that has transparent windows so you can see your liquid cooling in action.

  • It has room for two more hard drives
  • SLI capable motherboard
  • The actual look may differ from the images

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HP Pavilion Power Gaming Desktop

The Best Budget Gaming PC

hp pavilion power gaming desktop

This system is intended for the mid-level gamer and has a pretty good CPU for the price. The HP Pavilion Power Gaming Desktop Computer features an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU, dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 128GB SSD, and Windows 10 OS.

The system comes with a built-in DVD-writer, 7-in-1 media card reader and wired keyboard and mouse. If you’re a gamer who has tons of applications running while gaming, you can make use of the unit’s ability to connect up to four monitors at once.

At only around $1050, it is one of the less expensive gaming computers available on the market. One of the downfalls of this PC is the inability to upgrade a graphics card, which comes with a video memory of only 3 GB.

  • Connect up to four monitors
  • Good Price
  • Upgradeability is limited

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Alienware Area 51 R2

For the Hardcore Gamers With Some Extra Cash

alienware area 51 r2

The Alienware Area 51 R2 Gaming Desktop comes with an Intel Core i7-6800K 6-core up to 3.6GHz, processor, 32GB DDR4, 2TB 7200RPM+512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GB GDDR5X GPU, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI 802.11 ac, and Windows 10.

It’s one of the most expensive gaming systems available, with the price of around $2700.

  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Expensive

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A Fast and Compact Gaming Desktop

corsair one elite

The CORSAIR ONE ELITE Compact Gaming Desktop PC runs on an Intel Core i7-8700K processor, GTX 1080 Ti GPU and 32GB DDR4 RAM. There’s an ample amount of storage for Windows 10 and its numerous updates as well as all your games since the unit comes with a 480GB M.2 SSD and 2TB HDD.

The liquid-cooled processor comes with 6 cores, 12 threads, and runs up to 4.7 GHz.

This compact desktop uses a liquid-cooled graphics card with 11GBs of GDDR5X memory. One of its shortcomings is a lack of upgradeability. At $3000, it is the most expensive gaming PC on our list.

  • Compact
  • Very Powerful
  • Limited Upgradeability
  • Expensive

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The Best Option CYBERPOWERPC Has to Offer

cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme gxivr8080a2

The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Desktop GXiVR8080A2 comes with a Liquid Cooled Overclockable Intel i7-8700K 3.7GHz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti 11GB processor, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD and a Windows10 64-Bit Operating System. You can buy it for around $2000.

One of the only downsides of the Gaming PC is its lack of LED lighting choices, as it only comes with one color (red) and you can’t turn it off.

  • Expansion slots
  • Lack of LED lighting choices

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HP Omen

Another Great Budget Gaming PC

hp omen

The Newest HP Omen features an Intel Core i5-7400 Quad-Core with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, 8GB RAM (which is expandable up to 16GB), and a 1TB HDD.

It offers 5 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 HDMI port as well as 1 DVI port. If you want to modify and customize the device, you can make use of the x16 PCI-E Slots.

Additional features include Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless-AC, DVD+/-RW, and a USB Keyboard and mouse.

  • Expansion slots
  • Windows Mixed Reality Ultra Ready
  • i5 Processor

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Maingear Vybe

Great PC With Tons of Configurations Available

maingear vybe

The Maingear Vybe is a mid-range gaming desktop that offers options to expand or upgrade.

This compact mid-tower can hold up to 4 SSDs and HDDs, as well as 3 GPUs and 240 mm closed loop liquid-cooling.

The case looks quite simple yet elegant.

  • Can hold a lot for its size
  • Comes with free Security Essentials antivirus software
  • Very heavy

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A Powerful Gaming PC in a Mini Case

zotac zbox-en1060k-u-w2b magnus

The ZOTAC ZBOX-EN1060K-U-W2B Magnus Gaming Mini PC features an Intel Kaby Lake Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and 8GB RAM (upgradable up to 32GB).

The unit comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, liquid-cooling for both the CPU and GPU and is super-compact and quiet. However, it does not include an option to upgrade the GPU or CPU.

It’s easily one of the best mini PCs available on the market today.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Quiet
  • Can’t upgrade GPU or CPU
  • Expensive

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The world of PC gaming is exciting and if you want to get the best experienced then you should get the best gaming PC available. Determining the best isn’t always cut and dry but there are basic factors to consider for your ideal unit. Mainly you should focus on GPU, CPU, cooling features and RAM.

In the end, there are several options to choose from that can be a great choice for you and any PC on this list can easily be the best one for you.