A good gaming keypad adds to the overall experience of your game. Normal keyboards just don’t have the comfort and functionality that a gaming keypad has. After all, gaming keypads were designed for a smooth gaming experience.

While they lack the full functionalities of gaming keyboards, gaming keypads are nonetheless convenient. And unlike regular keyboards, gaming keypads have special buttons that allow you to play more easily. Whether you’ve been gaming for years already or just started out, having gaming keypad can enhance your gaming experience.

With many choices available on the market, which one would you buy? To make choosing easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best gaming keypads available.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Keypad

This list contains 8 of the best brands to choose from. But before that, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for in a keypad, otherwise you won’t be able to fully maximize its use.

This buying guide will explain the factors that you have to consider before you buy your first keypad. They are as follows:

Keypad Type

There are two types of keypads you can choose from: the mechanical key type and the membrane key type. The main difference between them is their respective sensitivity. Mechanical keys are actually more sensitive than membrane types, thereby making them a lot easier to use. Naturally, mechanical keys are more expensive than membrane keys, but the latter is much more durable.


Ergonomics is extremely important when it comes to choosing the best gaming keypad. After all, the whole point of a gaming keypad is to make sure that your gaming is as comfortable as it gets. This means that the ideal gaming keypad is one that has keys not too close or far from each other so you can press them easily.

A good keypad also is the right size that is comfortable for you to play with. Lastly, you’ll want one that has other comfort features like a cushion for your wrist or something similar.


Programmability is really important when you buy a gaming keypad as this allows you to enhance your gaming experience. You have to make sure that all the keys, the joystick, and the direction pad can be programmed. This allows you to have complete control over your keypad. Couple this with the best gaming mouse for an overall exciting experience.

Other Features

Generally, the more features your keypad has, the better your gaming experience is. Some other features that you can look for are backlights to help you see the keys better in the dark and anti-ghost keys to make the keys more sensitive to pressing. Another feature to look for is built-in profiles that work for most multiplayer online games.

Types of Game You Play

You also need to consider the type of games you’ll be playing. If you prefer playing FPS (first person shooter), you need to prioritize comfort and accessibility. Meanwhile, if you’re more of a MOBA or MMO gamer, you need a gaming keypad that allows you to set up macros quickly and easily. Obviously, you need a keypad with programmable keys to support various combinations of commands in one press.


The last thing to take into consideration is the price. Generally, higher priced keypads (like the mechanical types) have better and more features you can enjoy. However, you’ll ultimately have to follow your budget. The products that we’ve listed below are fairly priced and have some of the best features you can find.

8 Best Gaming Keypads to Buy in 2019

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma

The Ideal Keypad for MMO Gameplay

razer tartarus v2 chroma

The combination of its design and functionalities makes the Razer Tartarus a keypad that’s specially designed for gaming. It has 20 keys that are very sensitive, making it easy for you to press them rapidly when playing quick action games like MMOs. All keys are programmable and come with an 8-way directional thumb pad to make gaming more fun and exciting.

Lastly, it’s known for its special Razer Mechanical Switches which give you the ultimate comfort and gaming experience.

  • Comes with optimized Razer Mechanical Switches
  • Easy programmable hotkeys and macros
  • Ideal for MMO gaming
  • Flimsy keys
  • Expensive

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Razer Orbweaver Chroma

An Improved Version of the Tartarus

razer orbweaver chroma

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma is known for its Razer Synapse software which serves as its main control system. It can help you save profiles and automatically update the software. Aside from the usual backlights, hotkeys, and other features, the Orbweaver has a unique feature that allows you to configure the settings while you’re in the game when you open up the command center.

It doesn’t look that much different to the Tartarus except for the extra key. All in all, there’s a total of 20 programmable keys that are fully mechanical for a more responsive and smooth gaming experience.

  • Easily programmable mechanical keys
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with an adjustable palm rest
  • Almost as expensive as a full-size mechanical keyboard
  • All keys virtually feel the same

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Delux T9 46-Key

Designed for an Enjoyable Windows Gaming Experience

delux t9 46-key

Though it is a wired keypad, the Delux T9 is still an awesome choice that comes with a great design and function keys. It also sports a recess type key so you can have easier control over your game. The red-capped WSAD keys also make things easier for players who are used to pressing these letters to move in different directions.

With its ergonomic design, serious gamers can enjoy their game with the utmost comfort and convenience. It’s made to be compatible with Windows XP, Windows, Windows 2000, and Windows 8.

  • Handy and portable design
  • Recess type keys
  • Volume control keys on the side
  • No backlight
  • Steep learning curve

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Koolertron Cherry MX Programmable Gaming Keypad

More Keys Equals More Fun

koolertron cherry mx programmable gaming keypad

The Koolertron keypad is one of the best gaming keypads in the market, especially for those who play on Mac. It has 43 programmable keys with special configurations for a full gaming control.

However, this isn’t just a gaming keypad. Its design and architecture also make it perfect for video editors and graphic designers who want a much easier time with keyboard commands. It also has a built-in MCU to allow you to save your configurations with ease.

  • Built-in MCU to allow configuration saving
  • Anti-ghosting feature
  • Portable and handy design
  • Hard to understand instructions
  • Difficult to use because of a complex software

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Good Gamepad with Adjustable Backlight

acepha t9 pro

This is definitely an ideal gaming keypad that’s specially designed for games. What really makes it striking is its design which was built for comfort even if you’re the type of person who plays for hours. It comes with a complete padding for your wrists and palm, thus making it one of the comfiest keypads on the market.

One of its notable features is the easily adjustable backlight with 7 different colors to choose from. Additionally, you even have to option to adjust the brightness to suit your taste.

  • Anti-ghost keys
  • Easily adjustable backlight with 7 colors
  • Complete compatibility with all Windows versions
  • No capability to re-assign keys
  • Needs manual driver installation

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1byone Mechanical Keypad

Designed for a Smooth Gameplay

1byone mechanical keypad

When it comes to precision, this keypad definitely won’t disappoint. With 29 programmable keys, you can have a much easier time with clicking and a ton of options at hand. You also don’t need to press too hard as the keys are quite sensitive.

If you’re a fan of RGB flashing lights, the 1byone can give it to you. It comes with 7 different lighting options which you can adjust via its software. You even have the option to adjust the brightness accordingly.

  • Handy design
  • Comes with beautiful backlight colors
  • Compatible with all Windows OS
  • Shift and CTRL key is switched
  • Keys are too near to each other
  • Slightly lacking in features

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XFUNY Gaming Keypad

A Decent Pro-Gaming Keypad on a Budget

xfuny gaming keypad

If you like playing fast-paced games like DOTA 2, LOL, PUBG, or Fortnite, this is the gaming keypad for you. It has a very smooth clicking feature that allows you to play with much efficiency. Unlike most keyboards, this one is compatible with almost any OS including Windows and MacOS. It also has 7 backlight colors which you can easily adjust.

All in all, there are 30 programmable mechanical keys featuring good feedback and pressing time. It’s certainly a decent keypad that’s available at a really affordable price tag.

  • Smooth and flexible keys
  • Durable
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Buttons may break off easily

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Deebl Gaming Keypad

Cool and Ergonomic Keypad

deebl gaming keypad

Although its features are not that outstanding, this is definitely the most durable gaming pad on the list. Being made of durable materials, it has a long shelf life and doesn’t have flimsy keys like other keypads. The gaming features would include programmable keys, multi-key trigger, and anti-ghosted keys. Aside from durability, it’s also designed for comfort and convenience.

It’s also compatible with various OS like Windows, Mac OSX, and more.

  • Cool and ergonomic design
  • Compatible with almost all OS
  • Has 16 keys rollover for better control of your game
  • It is a bit small
  • Button force needed is not as light as others

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These 8 gaming keypads are the best gaming keypads that you can buy for yourself if you’re a hardcore gamer. If you’re looking for the best one in the market, you have to decide based on your own gaming habits. To make things easier, use the buying guide to determine what exactly you’re looking for in a gaming keypad so you’ll know which choice to make.