Tablet production went through a bit of a lull with the rise of phablets, but we’ve seen some excellent devices roll out in the last few years. If you’re looking for the best Android tablet, you’ve come to the right place as our experts put together a tablet buying guide along with a quick list featuring some of the top models around.

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How to Find the Best Android Tablet

One of the cool things about Android devices is the fact they come in all shapes and sizes. Well, today we aren’t going to go into detail on design or jump into the Android vs. Windows tablets debate. Instead, we are going to focus on four key areas with the display, horsepower, battery life and extra features.

The Panel

Do you need a large 10-inch slate or are you looking for something closer to a phablet in size? The world is your oyster when you’re shopping for an Android tablet. They generally range from around 7 to well over 20-inches depending on your needs and budget.

Every mobile tablet has a touchscreen, so pay attention to the resolution and color depth if you watch a lot of media. On the high end, you’ll find tablets with QHD and UHD displays while budget-friendly options are generally either 720p or 1,920 x 1,080, otherwise known as FHD.

If you only plan on using your slate to browse the web or play casual games, you’ll be pleased with an FHD display and will appreciate the boost in battery life. On the flipside, gamers or designers that need the best will want a 2K display at a minimum.


Whenever someone mentions power in the tablet world, they are referring to the processor and memory. It’s no different than checking specs for a desktop or portable 2-in-1 laptop as the larger the number, the better.

With processors, the Snapdragon 800 series rules the roost although AMD chips and others still perform admirably. Qualcomm changes chip on a yearly basis, and so manufacturers. If you want the scoop on their latest chips, be sure to check this out.

RAM or memory can range anywhere from 2GB to 4GB of RAM. We recommend the latter if you want full multitasking capabilities as it’s one area you can’t expand. There are a few tablets that offer 6GB, but those are still far and few between.

Battery Life

While pixels and power are essential, battery life is arguably the first thing you should look for when choosing the best Android tablet to suit your needs. If you’re picking up a slate for work, you’ll want to look for a tablet with excellent battery life.

Wall sockets can be hard to come by, and losing power halfway through the day is not ideal. The same goes for professionals or gamers. Some high-end Android games can drain your battery in an hour while others are optimized to get you through the day. Things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and notifications can take a toll on your battery life as well.

Additional Features

Want a tablet with a fingerprint scanner? That’s not a problem, and some will even scan your eyeballs. Those are what we call flagship features, and so are things like 4G LTE and AR-based setups. You’ll need to pay a premium for those features while others are quite common.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are locks on any tablet, and you can say the same for cameras. How good those sensors are is a different story, and it’s rare to find anything above 8MP on a slate. You can usually find an audio port although USB Type-C charging is still hit or miss.

5 Best Android Tablets You Can Buy in 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Best Android Tablet for Drawing

samsung galaxy tab s3

Samsung is king of the hill when it comes to Android smartphones, and they’ve done quite well for themselves in the tablet arena as well. The Galaxy Tab S3 is our top option, and while it’s not exactly budget-friendly, it’s hard to argue with its prowess.

The Tab S3 is a 9.3-inch slate with Sammy’s sharp Super AMOLED display. It has a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 and gets its power from a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon chip and 4GB of RAM. It only has 32GB of storage which is terrible given the price tag, but you can expand up to 256GB through a microSD card slot.

Two perks of this tablet are the Samsung S Pen and the USB Type-C port. Those features make it an excellent choice for artists while gamers and media lovers will dig the quad speakers and bright panel. We also like the fact it has quick charging, although the battery life is excellent unless you’re running apps that require a lot of resources.

This slate is an excellent choice if you need a tablet for design or artwork. It can run any app with ease, and while it’s expensive, you can expect a well-built device with a stunning display. The Galaxy Tab S3 runs Android 7.0 out of the box but is upgradable through the usual means.

  • Vivid display
  • Plenty of power
  • USB Type-C port
  • S-Pen
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 13MP/5MP camera combo
  • The price tag
  • Only 32GB out of the box

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Huawei MediaPad M5

Another Winner from Huawei

huawei mediapad m5

Huawei devices were once hard to get ahold out outside of their homeland, but those days have changed. The company expanded their worldwide reach with several high-end mobiles including the Huawei MediaPad M5 tablet.

The M5 comes in two different sizes with your choice of an 8.4” or 10.8” display. Both have the same type of display with a 2K Ultra Vision panel and sport a Kirin 960 processor with 4GB of RAM. They also have a 360-degree sound system so films and games will sound just as good as they look. The MediaPad M5 has more onboard storage than other models with 64GB to go along with features like a microSD card slot, a 13MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera, and quick charging.

In addition to the regular M5, there is an M5 Pro which ups the ante with an active stylus and pressure sensitive display. That model is on par with the Tab S3 if you want a solid drawing tablet. Either way you go, this curved beauty is a looker and has enough pop to satisfy anyone’s needs. It also runs Android 8.0 out of the box and sports a 12-month warranty.

  • Beautiful thin-bezeled display
  • Great battery life
  • 64GB of storage
  • 13MP/8MP camera combo
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • EMUI isn’t for everyone

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ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

The Best Budget Android Tablet

asus zenpad 3s 10

ASUS is one of the more prolific tablet makers on our list. They have produced a continual stream of ZenPad’s over the years, and the 3S 10 caught our eye due to some interesting features and budget-friendly price tag.

This is a 9.7” slate that’s also in the 2K class. The company used TruVivid tech to add some pop, and behind that glass, you’ll find a quad-core MediaTek chip clocked at 1.7GHz and a dual-core 2.1GHz Cortex processor. Those chips are backed by 4GB of RAM, and you’ll have 64GB of storage to work with initially. Other perks include a fingerprint scanner, a 2-in-1 headphone jack and a 5MP snapper for selfies.

ASUS’s ZEN-based lineup may not be as popular as the Galaxy series, but what the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 lacks in style, it makes up in features. It has all the bells & whistles you could as for even if the OS is extremely outdated with Android 6.0.

  • Dual processors
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • 2,048 x 1,536 display
  • Nice price tag
  • Build quality
  • Outdated OS

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Amazon Fire HD 10

The Best Android Tablet under $200

amazon fire hd 10

If you’re in the market for an affordable slate, Amazon has been a great way to go as they make one of the best 7-inch tablets. The Fire HD 10 is their largest, and arguably their most popular option yet. It’s also quite affordable in any configuration or color.

While you won’t find a fingerprint scanner or 2K display on this one, the 10.1” FHD panel doesn’t disappoint. It has Alexa built-in and a 1.8GHz quad-core chip along with 2GB of RAM. The battery life is solid, but the cameras are lacking as there’s a 720p snapper on the front and a 2MP sensor on the rear. It’s ideal for media lovers and sturdy enough for children – just remember to lock those apps down.

Amazon’s devices aren’t known for their groundbreaking features or speed, and you certainly won’t set any records with this one. If you are an Amazon household or just need a cheap slate, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the Fire HD 10. You can pick this tablet up with 32GB or 64GB of storage although both have microSD card slots. There are three colors available, and you can shave a few bucks off the price if you take the “special offers” approach.

  • 10.1” FHD display
  • Hands-free Alexa
  • Great battery life
  • The price tag
  • Underwhelming power
  • No Google Play access

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Lenovo Tab 4

The Best Cheap Android Tablet

lenovo tab 4

While it’s difficult to find good Android tablet under $100, the Lenovo Tab 4 comes close. The 8-inch variant of this slate is well worth a look if you’re budget is tight, and you stand to get by with a little less horsepower.

The Lenovo Tab 4 is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM. While far from the flagship level, it will get the job done. The storage is disappointing however at only 16GB although expandable through a microSD slot. As for the display, it has a resolution of 1,280 x 800. One thing the Tab 4 has others tablets lack is a multi-account mode. This allows you to set up seven different accounts, each with their own settings.

This 8-inch slate should be on your list if you need an affordable solution for the road or the kids. While we would have liked to have had a bit more RAM, you really can’t beat the price point, and you’re getting Android 7.1 out of the box to boot.

  • 7 user modes
  • Dual speakers
  • Good battery life
  • It’s affordable
  • Only 2GB of RAM
  • Cameras are lacking

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