best photo scanners

9 Best Photo Scanners in 2020

Thinking of equipping your office or home with a photo scanner? Good that you’re here, as the step you are taking is not a small one (financially). You need to be super cautious when picking a photo scanner. They are all pretty expensive but for…

best gaming router
Computing, Gaming

9 Best Routers for Gaming in 2020

If you’re cruising the “interwebz” looking for the best router for gaming but you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, you’ve landed in the right place, because we don’t know either. Joke aside, the first question to be asked is if you really need…

best 27 inch monitor

8 Best 27-inch Monitors in 2020

You know how people say that eyes are the window to the soul? The same logic can easily be applied to choosing a monitor, as it represents a window to the soul of our computer. If the display is not strong enough, and cannot support…

best sd card readers

11 Best SD Card Readers in 2020

If your new desktop computer or laptop do not include a card reader, and they most probably won’t include it nowadays, you’ll definitely need one to transfer your pictures and videos. Now, what kind of reader do you need? We all need it to be…

best nas
Computing, Misc

7 Best NAS in 2020

If you’re on a network and looking to keep your data safe and secure, you’ve landed in the right place, as today’s article is about choosing the best NAS, whatever devices you use and wherever you go. And we’re not talking about the rapper either,…

best ips monitors

11 Best IPS Monitors in 2020

IPS monitors are popular for providing with better color accuracy and super wide viewing angles. You can enjoy the screen from any angle without having to worry about shifting colors because it offers a 178/178 viewing angle. Back in the day, even the best IPS…

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9 Best Cheap Tablets in 2020

There’s never been a better time to find the best cheap tablet for you. Due to the popularity of portable-but-powerful devices running on iOS, Android variants and even Windows, finding a good tablet has never been easier. Tablets are no longer a hi-tech luxury for…