best touchscreen laptops

12 Best Touchscreen Laptops in 2020

These days, touchscreen laptops are all the rage due to their convenience and overall cool appearance. Imagine being able to use a laptop the same way that you’d use a smartphone – by simply using your touch to move things around. Of course, there are…

best gaming keypads
Computing, Gaming

8 Best Gaming Keypads in 2020

A good gaming keypad adds to the overall experience of your game. Normal keyboards just don’t have the comfort and functionality that a gaming keypad has. After all, gaming keypads were designed for a smooth gaming experience. While they lack the full functionalities of gaming…

best wireless keyboards
Computing, Wireless

10 Best Wireless Keyboards in 2020

In the age of smartphones and tablets, physical keyboards can often be overlooked as a relic of a bygone era. In truth, however, there’s still a number of personal and business tasks that demand more than a touchscreen – activities in which a physical keyboard…

best gaming computers
Computing, Gaming

11 Best Gaming Computers in 2020

If you’re a true PC gamer, then choosing the best gaming PC should be taken seriously. There are several factors that you need to consider and certain features that will boost your experience. Some of those will be personal while others will be critical requirements…

best mini pcs

12 Best Mini PCs in 2020

Recent advancements in computer technology have put the term ‘personal computer’ back into the lexicon of tech consumers. Considering many of us wrote off personal computers in favor of mobile devices and cloud clients, it’s refreshing to see the mini PC market is revitalizing the…

best business laptops

9 Best Business Laptops in 2020

The only thing that matters to a businessperson is time and money. Money isn’t a problem when you can manage to do everything in time. It is not easy to cope up with time especially when you are running short of storage or speed on…

best cheap laptops

11 Best Cheap Laptops in 2020

Even though smartphones and tablets have come a long way in the last decade, there are many, many tasks for which a laptop is essential. Moreover, many 2-in-1 laptops are now available and can be used as tablets. There are many high-end laptops available, but…

best laptops for video editing

9 Best Laptops For Video Editing To Buy in 2020

Computers have vastly revolutionized our lives in various ways including leisure, communication, and work. Whether you edit videos for passion or profession, getting the best laptop for video editing can be the difference between a headache and a seamless editing process. Despite the advancements in…

best 2 in 1 laptops

10 Best 2-in-1 Laptops in 2020

Not long ago, the choice of a portable computer was restricted to a traditional laptop. However, as time went by, powerful operating systems and mobile processors were introduced into the market. This widened the choice for end users to include tablets as convenient alternatives. Due…