best usb flash drives

12 Best USB Flash Drives in 2019

There was a time when flash drives were considered exotic and somewhat expensive. As tech has progressed, those prices have plummeted and the best flash drive today can run circles around the previous generations. While you may think choosing a solid flash drive is simple,…

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12 Best Ultrabooks in 2019

The word laptop has been used rather loosely for the last decade. There are several types of portable PCs available today, but an Ultrabook puts other styles to shame. It’s the preferred machine of professionals and students around the globe, and we’re here to help…

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12 Best External Hard Drives in 2019

The hype machine may lead you to believe all our data is headed to the cloud, but don’t count physical storage out just yet. External devices have grown in popularity over the past decade, so choosing the right one can become confusing with the wealth…

alienware aw3418dw review
Computing, Gaming

Alienware AW3418DW Review

Overview Ultra-wide computer monitors have seen a huge bump in popularity as of late. Thankfully for us as consumers, there are many options due to some fierce competition between companies that manufacture gaming monitors. At the same time, however, with so many brands and models,…

razer ornata chroma review
Computing, Gaming

Razer Ornata Chroma Review

Overview Gamers and other PC users are always quick to try new technologies, and the Ornata Chroma from Razer is no exception. It takes a while to get used to and it is not as expensive as some other gaming keyboards on the market. This…

corsair dark core se review
Computing, Gaming, Wireless

Corsair Dark Core SE Review

Overview Not too long ago, wireless mouse users were outliers in the PC gaming community. Any ‘serious’ gamer would shutter at the notion of using a wireless mouse. Countless people have reported many issues with latency, finicky connections, batteries, and all around second-rate quality caused…

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14 Best Gaming Mice in 2019

Gaming mice are a dime a dozen, and you can stroll into a shop and pick up something that will suffice. If you want to improve your standing online and with your friends, it may be time to consider buying the best gaming mouse. Top…

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Computing, Gaming

12 Best Gaming Monitors in 2019

Gaming is a billion-dollar business that serves consumers of all types. Whether you need a thin flat panel for casual games or a widescreen behemoth in the pro class, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best gaming monitors for fans of first-person…