best joysticks and flight sticks
Computing, Gaming

9 Best Joysticks & Flight Sticks in 2019

The days when you had just a simple joystick or a gamepad for your gaming are long gone. Today there are racing wheels, flight sticks, specialized joysticks; basically, every gaming genre has its own specialized game controller system. Top Picks This has completely changed the…

best webcams for streaming

9 Best Webcams for Streaming in 2019

Since the whole world is moving towards online, including services, communications, etc. it is not strange that business meetings, job interviews and similar operations are also starting to follow this path. When we also add the increase of gaming streaming for both commercial and personal…

best external dvd drives

9 Best External DVD Drives in 2019

The golden days of DVD drives are long gone. Today, everything is about the cloud and online, using disks became some sort of exotic. Nevertheless, the majority of people still need DVD drives from time to time, either to search for some old photos or…

best gaming desks
Computing, Gaming

11 Best Gaming Desks in 2019

If you or your kids are into serious gaming, you know you will need a gaming desk sooner or later. Yes, there are a lot of different products to choose from – many different colors, shapes, prices, features can be found on today’s market. These…

best sound cards
Computing, Sound

13 Best Sound Cards in 2019

When we think about the computers, we are usually thinking about processors, motherboards, graphical cards or maybe hard drives. One important component is usually under our radar – sound cards. They are actually very important, but since the introduction of the integrated ones, they’ve been…

best cpu coolers
Computing, Hardware

12 Best CPU Coolers in 2019

Keeping your hardware, especially the vital parts such as the processor, cold is one of the major priorities when we are talking about the computers. Therefore, CPU coolers present a very important part of any custom PC build, and particularly, overclocking machines. Choosing the best…