• Olympic Committee chooses XP over Vista

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    The popularity of Windows XP is still making things difficult for Vista. Now Vista has again suffered a major setback, with Lenovo (Olympic 2008′ official sponsor) installing XP on it’s machines to run the Olympic Games’ vital PC-related tasks. Vista will only be used in internet lounges set up for athletes to use during the games. Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo said, “the Olympic Games require mature, stable technologies and it’s not a place to try new technologies because of the size and importance of the event. Everything must work smoothly.”

    The committee has also decided against using wireless technology as the reliability and the security of wireless internet made it too risky. Lenovo has already delivered 12,000 desktops (mainly ThinkCentre M55), 800 laptops (Thinkpad T60s and Zhaoyang 680s), 700 servers (SureServer models T350, R630 and R520), 2,000 printers and another 5,000 PCs for the athlete’s lounges and other hospitality and marketing purposes.

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    • Jose Luis

      I wonder what might happened if there were an open and non-monoparty state in China… would they had chosen M$ over another plataforms?

    • mr Mark

      Wonder if the real reason for not going wirelss is the inability to sensor and control what is being exchanged??

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