More information on Internet Explorer 8

People who spend a lot of time researching or simply browsing on the internet regularly, find their browser’s address bar filled with several unnecessary URLs and sites which are more of a hindrance than a help. Perhaps, removing all URLs or autosuggestions from the browser could also be a bother. So, it is important to understand how to streamline one’s online surfing and search by learning to discard unnecessary URLs from the Internet Explorer, the Chrome and Firefox and retain all the necessary ones which may be of use to the user.

How to Remove URLs from Auto Suggestions in the Firefox Browser?

URLs can be deleted from the autocomplete suggestions in the Firefox by typing the URL, highlighting the wrongly-typed URL in the drop- down menu whenever it comes up.

The wrong or unnecessary entry and the errant auto- suggestions can be deleted or removed from the browser history by highlighting it. If you simply perform the delete function without highlighting the errant URLs, Firefox will simply remove it from the current address bar. However, these may show up in the future searches. Hence, the necessity of highlighting the unnecessary URLs in the drop-down menu.

How to Remove URLs from Internet explorer’s Auto Suggestions?

The Internet Explorer browser works in similar ways to the Firefox browser, but not entirely. Removing URLs from Internet Explorer’s auto suggestions list is easily achieved by pressing the cross * symbol in the drop- down menu after highlighting the unnecessary entries.

In the case of the Internet Explorer, the mouse works more efficiently and quickly. Firefox differs from the Internet Explorer, where it automatically moves to the next suggestion when you delete or erase the highlighted one. In the case of Internet Explorer, the browser gives another chance to verify your instruction. Hence, it is best to highlight the next in line suggestion, before moving on to delete the misspelt URL. If you just press the ‘enter’ on the unneeded / highlighted URL, it will automatically take you to the errant site. Therefore, highlighting the next- in- line is necessary in the case of IE before you delete the unnecessary URL.

How to Remove URLs from Chrome’s Auto Suggestion?

If you wish to remove an unwanted autocomplete suggestion, you can always use the best gaming keyboard’s arrow keys or the mouse to highlight the suggestion in the drop- down menu which is displayed just below the address bar and press the Delete+ Shift buttons together.

In the case of a single unnecessary entry, simply highlight that entry alone in the drop- down box beneath the address bar, and press the ‘delete’ button alone. And, you would have got rid of unwanted suggestions/ URLs for good.

The procedure of removing URLs from a browser’s auto suggestion is simple and knowing how to do this is a big boon because most of us are prone to typing errors and most often venture into sites and links that prove to be unnecessary and not worth visiting again.

Chris Wilson has disclosed some more information about Internet Explorer 8 on Microsoft blogs (but now it has been removed). The new version will feature improvements in RSS, CSS, and AJAX support, and more options for user interface customization. It is also speculated that IE 8 will include support for microformats (it’s included in Firefox 3), small tags embedded in HTML code that can be interpreted in various ways by software, such as calendar events or contact information.

No word on when it’ll see the day of light, but Microsoft is hinting that there will be at least another year of development.