• Google Android OS Now Available For Download

  • google chrome2 Google Android OS Now Available For Download
    Though the Google OS is far from ready to be loaded on any new netbook PC, it is now available for download for enthusiasts. So if you can’t wait to see how it is gonna be then go ahead and download free Android LiveCD which installs Android on any x86 computer. What do you need to do? Well, just burn a disc, and insert it in a disc drive. Upon a reboot you’ll have an option of previewing the Android OS without affecting any files on your PC. It can also be booted by virtualization software.

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    • MacMan

      I have seen a Netbook and a 7″ Hand-Held (iPad challenger) computer available for sale. HeartlandAmerica.com currently has these in their catalog for under $200. Not sure of the computer manufacturer, might be Asus.

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      great information

    • jurrychia

      AWESOME!! this android OS very old!

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