• Intel Penryn 45nm processor

  • intel penryn1 Intel Penryn 45nm processor
    Based on 45nm technology, Intel Penryn is all set to replace 65nm Core 2 Duo processors. Carrying 820 million transistors (quad core), the new processor uses a new transistor technology to boost performance and reduce power consumption. Intel’s newly created chip is booting every popular OS including Windows XP/Vista, MacOS and Linux. It will speed up media applications because of its increased L2 cache size (6 MB L2 cache, up from current 4 MB) and Streaming SIMD4 (SSE4) extensions. The processor provides increased clock speed and some thermal improvements.

    Single-die quad-cores are not expected to arrive until the introduction of the Nehalem core, which will succeed Penryn with a completely new 45 nm architecture in the second half of 2008.
    intel penryn2 Intel Penryn 45nm processor

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