• Intel Atom Z2610 “Medfield” processor for Android tablets coming in Q2

  • intel logo21 Intel Atom Z2610 Medfield processor for Android tablets coming in Q2Intel recently mentioned that its first Medfield processor is dubbed as Intel Atom Z2610 and will support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Based on a 32nm Penwell SoC, the Atom Z2610 features SGX540 graphics core for 2D and 3D acceleration, and supports LPDDR2 memory and dual camera with up to 16MP.

    The chip will be able to encode 1080p videos and decode 1080p dual stream videos. Other features include WiDi, a built-in security engine, remote wipe capability, protected memory and protected apps.

    Intel Atom Z2610 also support HDMI, USB 2.0, and LP Audio.

    Expect Intel to release Atom Z2610 in Q2 2012 with tablets based on this chip to roll out between April to July.

    P.S. Intel is also planning to launch a Medfield processor for Windows 8.

    [via Fudzilla]

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