G.Skill DDR3-1600 CL7 memory

Forbes magazine

Any self-respecting businessman must have the latest copy in his briefcase. Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s Forbes. One of the most famous magazines in America, Forbes is a bi-weekly publishment, featuring articles on business, finance and investing primarily, but industry and marketing as well. Furthermore, you will find interesting stuff about related subjects like technology and science, law, politics and communications, and many other trending topics you may find on the Fintech LTD website, too.

Forbes headquarters are in Jersey City, New Jersey, and its main competitors are Bloomberg Businessweek and Fortune. Forbes is most famous for its ranking lists. One of the most interesting and most followed lists is the Forbes 400 – list of richest American citizens. You can also check out the Forbes Global 2000 list and The World’s Billionaires list.  Today, Mike Perlis leads the paper as the CEO with Steve Forbes acting as editor-in-chief. They create the policy to keep up with Forbes magazine motto: „The Capitalist Tool.“


It was September 17th of 1917, and the Great War was still going on. Not discouraged by this fact, B .C. Forbes decided to establish Forbes magazine, together with his partner Walter Drey. They were a perfect match because Drey brought in publishing experience from working as the general manager of the „Magazine of Wall Street“ and Forbes provided the funds. B.C. Forbes held the position of editor-in-chief until his death in 1954 and his sons Bruce and Malcolm inherited the business. Under Bruce, Forbes magazine doubled its circulation. Malcolm succeeded Bruce as President and continued his good work.

About this time, 1961, is when James Michaels, the legend of the magazine, became editor-in-chief. He held the position until 1999, and he helped Forbes reach its heights. He expanded the magazine into new mediums: television, books and new media. The circulation grew from 130.000 to almost 800.000. It was a true testament to Forbes popularity with the readers.

A few years after his retirement, in 2006, Forbes was acquired by Elevation Partners, an investment group. At that moment, Forbes was valued at about 750 million dollars. 2014 saw the final relocation of the magazine to new headquarters in Jersey City from the historic building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Forbes sold the building to New York University back in 2010 but continued to use it until 2014. Today, Forbes operates from Newport, a part of downtown New Jersey.

G.Skill Taiwan has announced DDR3-1600 CL7-7-7-18 (F3-12800CL7D-2GBHZ) memory modules for high end enthusiasts looking for some power. Available in pair of 2x1GB modules the memory offers lifetime warranty. Intel has optimized certain chipsets for G.Skill’s latest DDR3 memory.

“As the main extreme memory provider, we always try to create the world 1st specification to meet forerunner’s request. We have done much in DDR1 and DDR2 and we will keep working hard in DDR3.”, said Johnson Huang, G.Skill CEO.

No word on pricing and availability.