Convert Windows into Mac OS X

Windows may be the most familiar operating system for the majority of computer users. But it may not be the best OS available on the market or that it doesn’t have any functional flaws – it’s easier to define the best gaming mice as it’s easier to measure their performance. The major drawback with Windows is that most of the built-in programs may be the basic versions which require regular updates. The Windows itself will force the users for frequent updates that too paid ones.

Why Linux may be a good alternative

Linux is an open source (most cases) OS which behaves like a Unix system written in C and assembly languages. Though originally developed for PCs, Linux has been ported to a wide variety of technological platforms including mobile phones, servers, supercomputers, network routers, mainframes, etc. This makes Linux the most installed OS.

Linux is a free OS and is freely distributable, and the supporting packs include a large number of utility software. So the need of pirated software is comfortably avoided, unlike Windows. Linux is generally considered as virus-free and runs faster compared to Windows. Linux is easily customizable and offers a wide range of distros to be selected from. Plus, it performs automatic installations for the system and even searches the most suited distros and the drivers required for your devices.

Turn Windows to Linux. How?

First and foremost, have a clear picture of the distros you would like to pack-in with the Linux, choose the best one which will assist you the most in your work, probably an inexperienced user.

Select a distribution for Linux and get a copy. The easiest way is to download an image of the distribution and write it on a CD/USB drive. The most popular distribution is Ubunto, which installs from live CD and an image is not required. There are scores of others also like PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint, etc.

Backup all the important data safely. Boot the drive with Linux.

You will be asked to choose from multiple options on the type of installation to proceed. If you want to replace Windows with Linux, or you want to install Linux side by side with Windows, choose accordingly.

After the successful installation, in the next window, choose the operating system which you want to boot into (dual booting). Your system is ready to navigate into Linux.

Points to be noted

  • After you make an image of the Linux distribution, it can be checked by running in live mode for an easy, early assurance of the installation success.
  • Choose free cross-platform applications like Firefox, VLC player, WINE for games etc. so that you can start in an environment having some familiarity with Windows.
  • Give yourself time to get adjusted to the new OS, and if you are inexperienced, it is always safe to start with a 32-bit Linux and later upgrade to 64-bit.
  • It is better to keep the Windows OS side by side with Linux until you become well versed with Linux.

Once becoming fully confident as a complete Linux user, you can even consider removing the Windows partition from the system.

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