ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI turns monitor into HDTV

Top picture and sound quality are a must for those who like watching movies, series and TV. Though most of the media geeks will go for surround sound, the experience while on headphones should be also good enough for the audiophiles – some of the best gaming headsets could do a proper job too.

Today ASUS introduced a useful device which will be loved by all media geeks. The HDTV Suite-HDMI is a specially designed product for high end users who want to watch High Definition TV without buying an expensive HDTV. Asus’ latest offering is a standalone TV box, providing “the ultimate HDTV viewing solution with the highest video quality (1920×1200).” Just connect it with your PC monitor, and you can easily utilize them not only as a Full HD TV set, but also as a multimedia center without the need to turn on the PC.
Enjoy a Visual Feast with Professional CE (Consumer Electronics) Quality HDTV
The ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI is a professional analog standalone TV box that contains a built-in CE quality TV engine. With the latest technologies that include “Dynamic Deblocking”, “Dynamic Anti-flicker Brightness Adjustment”, “Advanced 3D Comb” and “Flesh Tone Correction”, it is able to display high-quality video signals to bring about sharper and clearer images that traditional video processing cannot achieve.

ASUS Hardware Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
Video playback from PCs pale in comparison to TVs because most PCs do not come with the image-processing units commonly found in consumer electronics display devices. The ASUS HDVT Suite-HDMI, however, is built with an advanced hardware visual optimization innovation – the ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence technology. This cutting-edge technology can help analyze data read from various media and fine-tune colors that are favorable to the human eye – creating images and colors that are more vibrant, lifelike and vivid.

Easily Transform PC Monitors into High Quality Multimedia Display Centers
Besides able to display the high quality TV experiences mentioned above, users can also connect their gaming consoles like the PS3, PS2, Xbox360, Xbox or Wii; or even DVD players to the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI’s high quality video transmission input (HDMI, YpbPr, S-Video or Composite) to enjoy superb multimedia entertainment on their HDMI, DVI or VGA monitors. With numerous plug-n-play connection options, the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI transforms the PC monitor into a high quality video and audio multimedia display center.

Highest 1920 x 1200 Visual Quality with 16:10, 4:3 or 16:9 Full-screen Support
Regardless of the PC monitor’s dimensions (from15″ to 24” or larger) or resolution (from 1024×768 to 1920×1200), the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI utilizes innovative technology to help improve visuals to 1920×1200 high resolution quality experiences.

Fashionable ID design and Intuitive Touch-sensitive Control Panel
Meeting the trend of simplistic style in home entertainment products, the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI combines optimum performance with a modern ID design. The artful ID design combines with the built-in touch sensor control panel for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Enjoy Convenience with User-friendly Utilities
With no software installation required, users simply have to connect the ASUS HDTV Suite-HDMI to their TV/video source and the PC monitor, and they are ready to go! The convenient Picture-in-Picture (PIP) function allows surfing the Internet and watching TV or playing console games at the same time. Additionally, users will be able to enjoy total entertainment convenience with the bundled full-function remote control and On Screen Display – which allows changing channels, selecting source inputs and menu selections without even getting off the couch!