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    Matrox Graphics Inc. has launched a new product in their famous Extio series. The Remote Graphics Units (RGU) enables the extension of one or two displays, audio, two IEEE 1394 FireWire ports, and up to six USB devices, such as keyboard and mouse, by up to 820 feet (250 meters) of fiber-optic cable. It separates the computer from the monitors and user-interface, helping address issues such as security, heat, noise, system maintenance and support in high-reliability computing environments. The Extio F1220 provides one or two digital or analog monitors at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 per monitor, 128MB of graphics memory, fanless operation (no moving parts), and a Matrox-designed graphics chip.

    “The Extio F1220 increases the range of Matrox offerings for split-computing environments in mission-critical systems, media creation, broadcast, control room, and digital signage applications,” says Alan Vandenbussche, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc. “The Extio series represents an alternative to older KVM Extension and DVI Extension technologies that is more flexible, higher in performance and more highly integrated.”
    This product can be used in many industries such as Financial, Insurance, Media Creation and Editing, TV and Radio broadcasting etc. As for connectivity, it includes six USB 2.0 ports, integrated audio hardware with standard audio jacks, and two IEEE 1394 FireWire ports. The Extio F1220 will be available in the Q2 2007. No word on pricing.
    matrox Extio F1220 2 Matrox Extio F1220
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      Is This Available 2 The Public @ Will Info Be Accessible 2 Target?

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