A keyboard with massive keys to reduce eyestrain

Television Watching has transformed our lives by leaps and bounds in the last decade. When we moved from black & white to color – well, now everything is colorful, see the best gaming keyboards 2017 for instance – also it opened up the possibility of various channels through cable networks. At the height of Internet revolution, consumers are bombarded with many innovative and interesting TV viewing options. One such option is streaming videos from various online services such as Crackle, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Rhapsody, Pandora Internet Radio, YouTube, and Spotify. It is a software application, “App” as we call , that allows us to enjoy TV viewing at its best. One such best in class Apps is KODI.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an application that can be installed on certain plug – ins whose function is to play a media file from various sources. It could be both audio and video. It needs a network i.e Wireless internet . Ina typical cable network you subscribe to a plan which includes certain number of channels and on-demand options. On a plug – in media player you are able stream media files from various platforms from the internet on to your TV screen. It is more of a customized viewing experience.

How to customize?

In a typical household , there are many users in various age groups whose preferences may be specific and unique. Kodi offers a profile system which cannot be missed . May be you want to create a watch list which shows what you have watched and the ones not watched. May be you want a specific theme setting which the others in the household may find geeky . May be you want to watch age appropriate shows for yourself and the kids.

Whatever may the reason , Kodi allows you to have multiple profiles with separate watch lists and add-ons.

How to create Multiple Profiles ?

Once you are in the application , click on the settings icon on the Top-left of the home screen just under the name. Once you click on that , it will open up various options such as Player settings, media settings , PVR&live settings , profile settings etc. Choose “ Profile Settings”. In profile setting you would see two options . 1.General and 2. Profiles. When you click on profiles , you will see one user by default – Master User. There will be a “ Add profile “ right next to it. Click on “ Add Profile “

Type in your preferred name for the profile using the on-screen keys or your keyboard. Select OK when done. Next , you will be prompted to answer where you want your folders to-be. If you are not sure , select “ Default” and click okay.

Once you click okay , it will take you to your new profile settings screen , where you can add a Profile Picture or change the name. You can also choose if you want to share media files with main user or keeps things separate. There will be two preference setting options Media info and Media Sources. Media Info – It is the information about your movies and shows . You might want to choose “separate” in order to keep it separate . Media Sources – This refers to the folders where your movies and TV shows reside. You might want to keep this Separate too. Click on the drop down and choose “separate” for both .

When you are done , you will see your new profile is ready . Now go back to your login screen and click on settings again which brings you to the general and profiles option . choose “General” . Enable the “ Show login screen on startup “ option . By doing this Kodi will show you the list of users to choose from the moment you load Kodi .You can also customize more and avoid confusion in names by choosing “ customize Kodi’s default skin” so that each profile has different color.

Now finally someone got a sense to launch a keyboard which features massive keys to make typing more easier. It becomes very difficult for those with vision or dexterity issues while typing. The Vision Board II’s new keyboard boosts oversized keys which are nearly twice the size of normal keyboard keys, therefore allowing for better finger contact and control, making typing easier. All the keys provides large print letters and numbers and high-contrast black-on-white (or black-on-yellow) lettering, to help reduce eyestrain and improve readability. I guess it will be good gift to your aging grand parents.

Featuring two USB ports on right side, it’s available in white or yellow keys. This keyboard is all yours at a cost of $89.95.