• Microsoft Courier mod is so good!

  • harlequin microsoft courier mod Microsoft Courier mod is so good!
    We love Microsoft’s Courier device, which the firm showed couple of months ago. But the sad thing about this device is that its still in the conceptual stage. A modder who couldn’t wait for an official Courier decided to make one all by himself using his very own Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook! And guess what, the result is quite impressive. The Harlequin (that’s what he dubbed this machine) is a dual screen Courier-like tablet built on an Inspiron Mini 9 netbook.

    How he did it?
    Well, he removed the keyboard of the netbook and inserted a USB powered touchscreen display. The standard Mini display is used for reading purpose while the USB touchscreen panel is used for writing.
    And thanks to in-built support for hand writing and voice recognition in the Windows 7 the whole experience is pretty good!
    One more thing, the mod ain’t complete yet. Due to a make-shift touchscreen display the machine looks anything but a sleek tablet.
    P.S. A wonderful mod indeed!
    [via Gizmodo]

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