• Medison comes out in open regarding Celebrity laptop

  • medison celebrity5 Medison comes out in open regarding Celebrity laptop
    Medison’s representatives have come out in open to say they aren’t fakes and the controversial $150 laptop is on it’s way for 15 August release (hopefully). In a press conference in Sweden, Medison displayed the notebook in front of ten journalists and defended itself against accusations of fraud. But according to Computer Sweden “Medison did not exactly strengthen its credibility.” In a defensive argument the firm said their online-trade partner 2Checkout has promised that no money will be withdrawn from the customer’s account before a product has been shipped. The money remains in every individual’s account; it has been reserved, but no money has been withdrawn.

    Regarding the low price of it’s laptop, Medison said it’s not their main revenue source. They plan to make money by advertising on it’s site — ads will be sold to suppliers of accessories and auxiliary equipment for a monthly fee which could be anywhere between $15,000 to $3 million.

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