• Jointech J-PRO JL7100: The world’s cheapest netbook only for $99

  • jointech J PRO JL7100 thumb 450x507 Jointech J PRO JL7100: The worlds cheapest netbook only for $99
    Always thought netbook means $300-$400 price-tag? Well, think again. Though Jointech’s latest offering ain’t as powerful as standard Eee or MSI Wind for that matter, it’s a well designed machine with extremely basic specification that’s just enough to run internet. The best thing about this machine? Of course its price-tag of $99!The netbook sports 400MHz CPU, a 7-inch TFT screen, 1GB SD storage, three USB ports, 1x VGA out, one LAN connector, 4 hours battery and Windows CE. If company is to be believed then the netbook will run Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MSN, Internet Explorer and some other programs without any issues. You can upgrade with WiFi support with JL7200.

    If you’re looking for a better model then go for JL7300 featuring a 533MHz CPU, 8-inch display, 128MB RAM and 8GB NAND drive. And if money is not an issue and if you’re actually looking for a well-specced machine then go for the top model JL777 which runs Windows XP and has an AMD LX-800 processor, 512MB DDR memory, 7-inch display, 8GB SSD drive and 4400 nAh battery. But mind you, both these model will certainly cost more than $99.
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