• HP Slate Tablet Shelved?

  • hp slate tablet1 HP Slate Tablet Shelved?
    No sooner did we told you about Microsoft’s intention of killing its Courier tablet, then we learned about HP’s intention of killing it’s much-hyped Slate tablet. Reportedly, just like Microsoft even HP is planning to kill its Slate tablet.

    Though its not official, “insiders” say that HP has shelved its Slate tablet because of Windows 7.
    It is known that HP is not satisfied with Windows 7 as a tablet operating system because of which it has terminated the project. The main blame is on Windows 7 because it requires far too many resources.
    What’s more, it is also not happy with Intel chips because they consume far too much power and a mobile computer of the type Slate PC demands higher battery life, rendering Intel architecture useless.
    Our thought: We think HP will still unveil its Slate tablet. We believe after coming this close to a launch it would surely release its first slate tablet.
    Stay tuned for more.
    [via TechCrunch]

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