Concept notebooks selected by Fujitsu as winners of Design Award 2011

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We have seen many interesting conceptual notebooks in the past which are very interesting in design but far from practical. Today, Fujitsu announced winners of Design Award 2011 which include couple of interesting notebooks which not only look good but are also practical.

Runner-Up Prize (LIFEBOOK Category)
Title: Crowd (pictured above and below)

Designer: Philipp Schaake
Country: Germany
Description: Features a variety of different usage styles including a slate configuration, notebook configuration, and a configuration in which the screen and keyboard are separate. This design idea showcases a notebook that can be flexibly operated to fit any application or intended use. With an emphasis on the notebook’s back cover, the PC can even be operated when closed.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Ross Lovegrove, industrial designer)
Title: Anderson

Designer: Ma Yiwei / Tao Ying
Country: Hong Kong
Description: In envisioning more opportunities for users to carry around their PCs, this notebook has been designed for ease-of-use when the user is both sitting and standing, making possible various operational styles that fit a wide range of different usage scenarios.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Gwenael Nicolas, representative of Curiosity)
Title: Frame Series

Designer: Florian Langer / Patrick Decker
Country: Germany
Description: This innovative notebook brings together the individual features of devices like smartphones and slate terminals within a single computer frame. The result is an integrated PC that harnesses the strengths of multiple devices.

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Kimitaka Kato, President, Fujitsu Design Limited)
Title: ecoPad

Designer: Yonggu Do / Jun-se Kim / Eun-ha Seo
Country: South Korea
Description: Electricity is generated when the user presses the touchscreen of this PC, which can power itself. The design is environmentally-friendly and technically viable.
Hope to see prototypes of these babies soon!