• ASUS N-series 10.2″ Netbook Coming

  • asus logo2 ASUS N series 10.2 Netbook Coming
    Soon after Eee PC craze went through the roof Asus started extending their Eee brand hoping that each new Eee product will garner the same support as that received by the Eee PC. Now to take their netbook line up further ASUS is planning to launch another mini-laptop, the N-Series. Reportedly, the N-series will be different from standard Eee PCs and will be unveiled by September. The 10.2-inch N-series netbook is powered by Intel’s Atom processor, and supports up to 320gig hard drive and Windows Vista. As for pricing, the N-series is expected to cost anywhere between $480 and $640.
    [Via Digitimes]

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