Asus Eee PC officially announced

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Finally Asus has released the official specifications of the most awaiting Eee PC. The small form laptop is a wonderful product for people who doesn’t require too much computational power like school students and housewives. The 0.92Kg gizmo could be a good, road companion due to its shock proof design, and wireless and multimedia capabilities. The Eee PC comes in four models sporting 7-inch LCD display, Intel processor, SSD, and Linux / Windows XP operating system.

The models announced are Eee PC 8G, Eee PC 4G, Eee PC 4G Surf, and Eee PC 2G Surf. All of them comes with 4 cells battery, hi-definition audio stereo speaker, microphone, Ethernet, and 802.11 b/g wireless. Also the first two models provides a built-in camera.
The Eee PC 8G is the flagship model offering 8GB SSD storage, 1GB DDR2 RAM, and 3.5 hours of battery life. The Eee PC 4G and 4G Surf features 4GB SSD, and 512MB RAM. The Eee PC 2G Surf is the low-end edition with 2GB solid state disk, 256MB DDR2 RAM, and a battery that lasts 2.8 hours.
No word on pricing and availability.