• Acer coming with ultra-thin laptops based on Intel Calpella platform in 2Q10

  • acer logo Acer coming with ultra thin laptops based on Intel Calpella platform in 2Q10
    Trust Intel on weird names. Since last so many the firm has been coming up with such weird names for its platforms. Weirdly named Calpella is one of the upcoming platform designed for notebook computers. Now as per a report, Acer is planning to launch new ultra-thin notebooks based on the said platform in second quarter of this year.

    The laptops will have 13″, 14″ or 15″ displays, with former being manufactured by Wistron while the latter two being manufactured by Quanta Computer.
    Interesting thing about these new upcoming laptops is that all of them will be less than one-inch thick at their thinnest point.
    Also, as the Intel Calpella platform is a mainstream platform unlike Intel ULV, laptops powered by it would be far more powerful than traditional ultra-thin machines which are generally based on Intel ULV platform.
    [via Digitimes]

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