$35 Indian Sakshat tablet contract goes to HCL Technologies. Launch set in January

35 dollars for a tablet sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it is now true. Sometimes there are products that cost less than we expect – see the envelop desk review. Whatever you buy though, the price matters and if you want the really best, you have to pay.

Indian government has silenced all critics who were skeptical regarding the much famous $35 tablet computer by awarding contract to manufacture the world’s cheapest Android tablet to a private enterprise — HCL Technologies. Reportedly, Indian government has selected HCL Technologies as a contractor to built $35 Sakshat tablet computer.
HCL Technologies is already into computer and laptop manufacturing in India, so it’s expertise in computer development should come handy in the development of Sakshat tablet.

Expected features include a 7″ touchscreen display, 2GB RAM, WiFi, USB port, webcam, cloud computing option, Adobe Flash support, remote device management capabilities, and Android.

Expect Sakshat tablet to launch in January.