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    Looking for a “different” keyboard-mouse set this holiday season? Well, how about a keyboard-mouse set which is made entirely of bamboo? Really, made entirely of bamboo including keys and frames. Interesting? Then you can actually buy a wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse set for $82.

    There are two advantages of buying this set. One is you get a different looking keyboard and mouse which your friends/colleagues will envy. And second is that it is environment friendly.

    The keyboard frame and its 108 keys are made of bamboo. So is the case with mouse which also provide a standard optical scroll wheel.

    Both are powered by 2.4GHz wireless technology, providing up to 10 meters range.

    The 108-key USB Full Bamboo Wireless Keyboard with Mouse works with PCs, Macs and Linux.

    The set is now available for $82.

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