Super Talent Launches 256GB SATA SSD

Most of the people think that the best gear is way too expensive. It appears, though, that it’s not always like that – just take a look at this logitech g602 review. It’s all about information and reading as much as you can about the products on the market will ensure you won’t pay too much.

Super Talent has released two solid state drives with a capacity of 256GB, which means they’re going to be awefully expensive. The FSD56GC35M is 100% interchangeable with standard 3.5-inch SATA hard disk drives, but offers all the advantages of an SSD including greater resistance to shock and vibration, significantly lower power consumption and faster performance.

The FSD56GC35M is an industrial disk maintaining -40C to 85C operating temperature range.

Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James commented, “We’re using our expertise in flash technology and our own controller to develop maximum density solid state storage solutions. This may well be the world’s highest capacity SSD available today. It’s a big addition to our already broad line of SSD products that firmly positions Super Talent as the market leader”.