Hitachi Travelstar 7K200 hard drive

If you are one of the many like me, who search for a file name and find it in documents, desktop, downloads etc then it may be a good practice to start a cleanup process which will help improve performance of the hard drive, free up storage space ,reduce processing noise and minimize wait times to open links and files, enjoying working faster and most efficient than ever in your best gaming chair 2017. Cleaning up is a chore in itself. But with a duplicate file finder your job is made easy. One needs to follow simple steps to get the job done.


Cleaning up the system for duplicate files involves system , media and picture files. Dupe guru is available in for all of the above three groups of files. It uses an algorithm to find similar files even if the same has been modified or altered at a different Location. The interface is so simple that you simply need to open the application , select files or folders to scan and delete the unwanted from the list. You can also double-click on a file to open and examine the same.

Digital Volcano Duplicate cleaner

This offers a much better looking interface and is a paid application for more features . The basic version is free . I scan the folders selected and also have an option to scan any plug-in.

Step 1: Download the App on the computer and open it and select search criteria .

Step 2: Click on “Start scan “ to proceed further.

Step 3 : Wait for a few minutes to complete scan or you can stop the same.

Step 4. After the scan is complete , it will give a list of files and total size to choose for deletion.


If one has a large collection of pictures ,this one will help erase the duplicates even if they are rotated , resized etc. It also provides a more visual experience by looking at the photos and removing the one’s you no longer need.

Step 1: Download VisiPics on your system.

Step 2: It will give you the list of all folders in the system.

Step 3: click on the one’s you would want to scan for duplicates and click the “Start” button.

Step 4 : It will show you the duplicate images stored and you can delete the ones not required.

Duplicate File finder

Duplicate file finder is faster than the others as it only looks for files of the same size and gives you a list to delete.

Step 1 : Download Duplicate file finder from internet.

Step 2: Select the folder that you want to check for duplicates and click ”Add”.

Step 3 : Select the path on which you want to scan and click Okay.

Step 4: It will give you a list of duplicate files and you can choose “delete” to free up space.

The most important thing to remember is that do not delete the C:\ Program files or C:\ Windows. this will ensure you do not delete the operating system files and only handle personal document , image , and media files.

Hitachi has announced a new addition to it’s Travelstar series, the 2.5-inch 7K2000 hard drive for use in laptops. According to the company, it’s the industry’s highest-capacity, highest-performing notebook hard drive with data encryption technology. The 200GB 7200 rpm drive offers 22% more performance over it’s predecessor. It provides SATA 3GB/s interface, 10ms seek time, 350 Gs operating shock tolerance, low acoustics, and consumes less power.

Dell and Alienware will be the first to offer the Travelstar 7K200 on select systems. It’s immediately available on Dell XPS and all Alienware notebooks.