Change The Hard Drive Icons On MAC – Here Is How

Every file, folder or a disk is represented by an icon on your Mac. Icons often look like what they are useful for. For example, the icon for Mail looks like a postage stamp, the icon for reminders looks like a list of bullet points and the icon for contacts looks like a phone book. There may be times when you might want to customize some of the appearance of the icons based on our interests or just so that we too feel tech savvy with customized desktop with the best gaming desk 2017.

Hard drive ( Macintosh HD)

For this of you who have been a regular Mac user, you might have wondered “Where is my hard drive icon “? Well, the ones that you have on the desktop are mostly app icons and files and folders you have created over the course of time. In order for you find your hard drive icon, Click on “Finder “icon. Check if you can see your hard drive icon under devices. If not Choose “Preferences” in the first Finder tab next to the apple sign.

Finder preferences box would open up. Under “General” you have the icons that you initially wanted to be shown in desktop selected. Select the “Hard Disks” option. Apple represents their hard disk by the name “Macintosh HD”. Navigate to the “Sidebar” option within the finder preferences box and select the Hard disk option again. This way it will immediately be seen on your Finder screen sidebar.

Hard Drive Icons

  • Click on the “Macintosh HD “on the side bar. You will see four folder icons.
  • Applications – Click on Applications and you will be able see all the apps icons many of which could not be found on desktop.
  • Library – Click on Library and you will see various folder icons that are required for a Macintosh.
  • System – Click on System folder icon and it will take you right back to Library.
  • Users – Click on Users which will show the name of main user and a folder icon named “Shared” to see the other hardware such as printers configured with your Mac.

Why change icons?

If your use of Mac requires you to connect various external hard drives to Mac or connect a particular hard drive to a lot of different Mac’s , then changing the icons would help you to identify which drive or which Mac is it that you are currently on.

How to change them ?

Step 1 : Download the image of various icons that you would like to use in a folder. Some hard drive manufacturers may offer icons to match the drive they sell. There are various sites which offer you icons for various hard drive such as Intel , Sandisk etc. There are a lot of options available in the internet world for one particular hard drive that you are using.

Step 2: Open the folder where you have stored your icons .

Step 3: Right click on the icon that you would like to copy and select “ copy “.

Step 4: Make sure the drive for which you want to use the above icon is connected to your computer at this time and proceed further . Click on “ Finder” . on the side bar you will see the all the hard drive that is connected under “ devices”.

Step 5: Choose the one for which you want a custom icon and it will appear on the right side.

Step 6: Right-click the drive icon and choose “Get info”

Step 7: It will pop up an information screen and at the top left corner you will see a icon and click that . There will be a blue light around that icon . At this time press command + v to paste the icon which you had selected in step 3. You might be prompted to enter your password .

Step 8: Enter your password and the change will happen . Repeat the same process for all other drives.