Fujitsu launches 10k, 15k rpm hard drives

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Fujitsu is back with two new series of hard drives, boasting superfast rotational speeds, and standard support for 6Gb/s SAS. The two new series in Fujitsu’s line of 2.5″ enterprise hard drives are the 10,025-rpm MBD2 RC series and 15,000-rpm MBE2 RC series, improving performance by 60% in terms of internal transfer speeds. Both of them sports perpendicular magnetic recording, which enables increased recording density. According to Fujitsu, the new models are well-suited to a range of applications, from servers to high-capacity storage systems.

In addition, the new series improve maximum internal transfer rates by 60% over current 2.5″ models. By supporting the latest SAS-2 interface specification, they also offer faster data-transfer rates (600 MB/s) between the drive and the host.
The MBD2 RC series will be released in the first quarter of 2009 calendar year, and the MBE2 RC series will be available in the second quarter.