7 Need To Know Chromebook Tricks

The sedentary desktops gave way to the mobile laptops which now, in turn, have paved the path for the Chromebook– the thin client notebooks which can do everything that your laptop does if connected to the internet. You don’t have to put it on one of the best gaming desks 2017 to use it.

These Chromebooks have the Google Chrome web browser as the OS. They need the internet constantly because all the files are stored on Google drive, documents, and other clouds. Therefore the lack of internet limits its usage.

In case you already own a Chromebook or are planning to get one, you will be thankful for the tips listed below which will enhance your experience manifold.

Directly save your files in Google Drive

Chromebooks can’t be burdened with too much storage on their hard drives; therefore the best method is to save all your files to the Google drive directly. This way not only will your Chromebook be free but you will be able to access your files from anywhere on any device. To be able to save directly to the drive without manual intervention you can change the settings.

No need for internet? You can work offline

By enabling a feature on the Google drive you will be able to work on all your documents offline too. Just by syncing your documents, spreadsheets, and files to the computer you can be assured that all the work that you do offline will be updated on your drive once you are connected to the internet.

Connect to TV

You need not feel limited by the small screen size of the Chromebook, by using a chromecast you can telecast or in IT parlance mirror your Chromebook’s screen on the TV.

Increase the resolution

Most of the displays on Chromebooks are poor but you can manually increase the resolution in the display settings. This will not cause any malfunctioning in the system.

Log in smartly

You can bid bye-bye to key in password logins and adopt the new and savvy way of entering your Chromebook. In the advanced settings option go to smart lock and click it open. Here pair your Smartphone with the Chromebook using Bluetooth. Once paired, you can log into your system every time your phone is in the vicinity without having to physically enter the password.

Your book is for you alone

Technically anyone can use a Chromebook because all you need is a Google account. Just by accessing their chrome account they can use your Chromebook. But if you don’t want anyone but you to handle the device then change the settings in the people section. You can decide what rights to confer on the other users of the device.

Parley with your Chromebook

Typing can be very boring and often tiresome too and that is why there is an emergence of voice assistants like OK Google which will search your query without you having to type a single word. Enable the Ok Google feature in the settings box to start using the voice search feature. Once you grant permission for the microphone to be used, you can dictate your search and wait for the device to display the results and read it out to you.

Armed with some keyboard shortcuts and the above tips you can make the most of your Chromebook experience.