Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 128GB USB Flash Drive

Computers have changed the way we work. They have reduced the burden of the workplace to a great extent. Besides being just computing devices, the computers are now storage devices, communication devices and they do a lot more. This is what makes them indispensable in offices. You should put those PCs on a good desk – the best gaming desk could surely do the job.

Buying the workstations:

When you plan to set up a small office for your business, this is the first thing you would need. Depending on the type of business you own and the amount of time spent in theoffice, the right configuration of thecomputer has to be chosen. If your work involves a lot of fieldwork, travel, and remote support, a laptop would be a better choice. If it would involve a lot of work at the office, for each of the employees in the office, there should be a workstation. The hardware configuration of the computers you buy for your office would depend a lot on the type of work and the extent to which the computers would be used at your office. The brand of computing equipment you buy should also be well thought out. Buy from a vendor that sources reliable hardware and provides prompt service after sales.

Software technology purchases:

All basic software required for day to day usage of the computers would have to be bought. If yours is a design company and if there is any special software required for the design, this has to be purchased. All such software licensing and purchase processes would have to be planned well ahead.

Hardware requirement for data storage:

You might feel that buying a computer or a laptop with a higher configuration, one with a larger hard disk would solve the purpose of the data storage needs of your office. But the truth is that even a small business would have a large volume of data to be stored, accessed and analyzed. This data would also have to be made available on a common location to be accessed by several employees. Choosing an external data storage hardware can help implement data security measures. Also, even when your computing equipment goes faulty, the data in your external drive would not be affected in most cases.

Networking requirements:

The next thing you should plan about is the hardware network you plan to establish. LAN and WAN have evolved over the years. You would have to get a network engineer to establish a secure network to connect all your workstations. You should also choose an internet service provider who can offer seamless network connectivity. You would also have to install wireless routers and other networking hardware based on the requirement. Then comes the server requirements to be looked into.

Other hardware setup:

The other hardware essentials for a small office would be printers, scanners, telephone equipment, fax machines and the likes.

Cloud computing technology:

Now with data storage taking a new leap, cloud-based data storage is the current trend. This offers a good amount of scalability. Cloud-based infrastructure can also be managed by the cloud solutions providers. So you would also have to think about choosing the right type of cloud space to invest in.

Corsair recently updated its Voyager series with a new model boasting 128GB storage capacity. Though the drive doesn’t look that great, it provides impressive performance. According to Corsair, its Voyager GTR is capable of 34MB/s read speed and 28MB/s write speed. Pretty good!
Another interesting thing about this drive is its storage capacity. With onboard 128gig storage space, you can surely kiss good-bye to bulky external storage devices.

The Corsair Voyager GTR is priced at $426 — portability surely has a big price-tag attached to it.