• Seagate to launch its first 2.5-inch 1TB hard drive

  • seagate momentus Seagate to launch its first 2.5 inch 1TB hard drive
    Word on internet has it Seagate is about to launch its first 1TB hard drive with 2.5-inch form factor. The newest Seagate large capacity drive would be launched in sometime. The 2.5-inch drive features 5400rpm spindle speed, and 8MB of cache.

    It is also known that two Seagate external drives, which makes use of this known 2.5″ 2TB disk, are already listed on couple of British retailers’ websites.
    The Seagate Portable and Seagate FreeAgent Go 2TB drive are listed at around $230.
    [via Fudzilla]

    Posted in Topics : Hard Drive; Tags : on September 1, 2009
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