• InnoDisk intros 2.5″ 128GB SSD

  • innodisk sata ssd InnoDisk intros 2.5 128GB SSDInnoDisk today released an ultra fast high capacity solid state disk for high end applications. The “FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000″ has a tough outer metal case, enormous capacities, high reliability, low power consumption, noise-free and anti-shock features that make it ideal to replace Hard Disk Drives.

    It delivers high-performance sustained read and write rates up to 110 Mbytes/sec and 90 Mbytes/sec, burst read rates up to 300 Mbytes/sec and supports Serial ATA 2.0-3Gbps a standard. With InnoDisk advanced flash management technology, FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000 offers a random read and write rate of over 9500 and 550 inputs/outs per second (IOPS) for a 512-byte transfer. The FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000 will be available from Q2 2008 in capacities ranging from 32GB to 128GB.
    No word on pricing.

    Posted in Topics : Hard Drive; Tags : on March 14, 2008