• Corsair Force Series F90 and F180 SSDs Announced

  • corsair force ssd Corsair Force Series F90 and F180 SSDs Announced
    Corsair today announced two additions to its Force Series SSD family: the F90 and F180. These latest additions to the Corsair Force Series are built using the Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processor, which provides exceptional performance, including read speeds of up to 285 MB/sec and write speeds of up to 275 MB/sec, with a 4K random write throughput of up to 50,000 IOPs. Corsair reports that this is the same level of performance as that of enterprise-level SSDs.

    The F90 and F180 Force Series SSDs all implement the ATA TRIM command, supported by Windows 7, which helps to maintain optimal performance over the drive’s lifetime.
    The 90GB F90 and 180GB F160 Force Series SSDs are available immediately for $189.99 and $399.99, respectively.
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