• Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0 Portable HDD

  • buffalo MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0 drive Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0 Portable HDD
    Buffalo has announced a new MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0 portable hard drive boasting up to 5 Gigabits per second. Designed for mobility and equipped with USB 3.0 technology for extreme transfer rates, MiniStation Cobalt USB 3.0 can extremely quickly store or back up massive amount of data.

    Interesting thing about this drive is that it is also equipped with couple of interesting features such as TurboPC, Backup Utility, ECO Manager, RAMDISK and SecureLock.
    Utilizing your PC’s high speed RAM, TurboPC can increase file transfer rates by up to 25% over competing USB 3.0 portable hard drives. Buffalo’s Backup Utility is an easy-to-use and fully featured backup software for Windows PCs. ECO Manager is an energy efficiency tool designed to conserve energy and reduce laptop battery consumption. RAMDISK is a simple utility that allows you to create a RAM disk on your Windows PC, providing a small, but extremely fast environment to work on files in. Lastly, SecureLock software provides complete control of the data encryption on your Buffalo external hard drive, providing security through password protection and software data encryption.
    The MiniStation Cobalt HD-PEU3 will be available in a variety of capacities up to 640 GB and will begin shipping in April 2010.

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