• Active SaberTooth ZT 1.8″ 64GB PATA Turbo ZIF SSD

  • active 1.8inch ssd Active SaberTooth ZT 1.8 64GB PATA Turbo ZIF SSD
    Active is back with a new solid state drive. Available in 32GB and 64GB storage capacities, the new Active 1.8-inch PATA ZIF SSDs supports read speeds up to 100MB/sec and, thanks to their DRAM cache, reach write speeds up to 85MB/sec. With no moving parts, SaberTooth ZT is rugged enough for use in industrial, embedded and network computing applications where a very compact yet high speed storage solution is needed.

    Its PATA / IDE ZIF interface supports PIO mode 4 and UDMA mode 6. It also supports SMART commands.
    It also have the same physical dimensions as industry standard 1.8-inch HDDs, making it an easy plug-in replacement in many laptops and netbooks.
    These new Turbo ZIF SSDs are available now through Amazon for $169.95 (32GB) and $299.95 (64GB).
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