• ACP – EP’s SnowDrive USB Flash Drive

  • acp ep snowdrive ACP   EPs SnowDrive USB Flash Drive
    ACP-EP’s new USB flash drive will surely impress professional skateboarders. The design on the flash drive looks like a skateboard. It was possible to create a drive with a shape like a mini-snowboard, due to alliances with the best snowboard companies in the industry. It includes a LED light at the top to indicate activity and a neckstrap. The USB drive is available in 512MB / 1GB / 2GB storage capacity with 2 years warranty. The drive is priced at $20 (for 512MB) and $50 (for 2GB). It works on Windows and Mac based PCs.


    Posted in Topics : Hard Drive; Tags : on January 1, 2007

      Keeps telling me to insert disk, Will not work.

    • Sue

      my son has a snow drive – would like to know where I can purchase a lanyard like he received with the drive?

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