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    Fed up with after-thoughts that you paid more while e-shopping? Time to visit LogicBuy.com. The mentioned website — also our channel partner — is one of the best place for e-shoppers who’re looking for the best possible deals, and are not at all interested in paying a penny more. And why not, if you can get the best deal by just checking one website then a click is well worth it. Today the site announced “re-launch” of its portal, offering a free information service that tracks special sales, coupons, and price drops from numerous online merchants. Also, its good for social crowd. The website harnesses new Web 2.0 features designed to educate online shoppers to save more money on items such as laptops, digital cameras, and video games.

    Key features of LogicBUY.com that offer the most educated shopping experience include:
    * Hot or Not Voting System: At LogicBUY.com, anyone can submit a shopping deal they believe will help others save money. But only shopping deals that offer the most cost-savings will become popular and more prominent on the website front-page. The “popular” algorithm is based on the total number of “Hot” and “Not” votes a submitted deal receives. This reduces content clutter by sending “bad deals” to the bottom of the list while accelerating “hot deals” more predominately to the homepage so users can easily spot the most popular deals.
    * Product Ratings: If you own or tested a product listed on LogicBUY.com, here is your chance to share your opinion with others on how you rate the product. Recommend or stay away? LogicBUY.com has a simple review form based on a 5 point rating scale.
    * Deal Alerts: Deals can come and go very quickly. Thanks to LogicBUY Deal Alert subscription service, you’ll never miss a single deal. The free service will instantly email members when a new deal has been published on the website. To subscribe, simply enter keywords of the product(s) you’re looking for such as “Nintendo Wii” and any relevant submissions with “Nintendo Wii” will be sent to you via email.
    * Search: Built on LogicBUY’s own deal search engine and PriceGrabber shopping comparison engine, LogicBUY.com enables shoppers to quickly search the lowest price on products published on LogicBUY.com or see results from PriceGrabber without ever leaving LogicBUY.com.

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