• PCs with Intel Thunderbolt coming in 2012!

  • intel thunderbolt windows PCs with Intel Thunderbolt coming in 2012!Until now Apple is the only company to have laptops and desktops featuring Intel’s Thunderbolt technology. But come 2012 and you’ll see many PC manufacturers offering laptops and desktops with the Thunderbolt technology.

    Recently Intel notified its partners that it’ll fully release its Thunderbolt technology in April of 2012. So come April and you’ll see Windows based desktops and laptops featuring Thunderbolt technology.

    It has also come to light that several first-tier PC manufacturers have already started the preparation!

    Another reason why so far companies resisted from incorporating Intel Thunderbolt technology is price. A Thunderbolt chip cost about $20, making it a costly affair to indulge in.

    But with the cost of Thunderbolt chip expected to drop in Q2 2012, the technology could become a standard in future.

    In short from April we’ll see many high-end computers featuring Thunderbolt technology.

    [via Digitimes]

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