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    Finally, someone managed to get their hands on the Eee Monitor. The latest product under ASUS’s famous Eee brand is an iMac look-a-like all-in-one PC. Actually its not confirmed whether it is an all-in-one or a simple monitor, but as per previously available information it seems to be an all-in-one only. And unlike iMac which comes only in white color, the Eee Monitor comes in both black and white colors — but I must say the black model looks awesome.
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    It features 19″ or 20″ panel and sports a webcam centered on top. On the right side it has 2 usb ports and a card reader, while just below the screen are controls for adjusting the brightness and contrast, and Denon stereo speaker system.
    On the back side it features 4 USB ports, two Ethernet ports, and three audio ports, one for a mic, and 2 audio-outs.
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    The all-in-one system is rumored to be powered by Intel’s Atom processor. It’ll probably feature a built-in TV Tuner and will ship with Linux operating system.
    No word on availability. It is expected to cost $499.
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    [Via Laptop Mag]

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