• Apple computer made out of wood

  • apple pc wood Apple computer made out of wood
    Some one has designed an Apple computer with the help of wood. Only a Mac freak could do it, I am sure of that. What you can do with it? The best use will be to put it in your drawing room and make your friends envy you.


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    • ziB
    • goldfishy

      Yeah, only a Mac freak known as Steve Wozniak with some help of another sort-of-well-known Mac freak named STEVE JOBS. Seriously, people.

    • Notary Sojac

      Looks like the famous Apple I.

    • Thrasher

      Yeah, unless I’m mistaken this is the Apple I sitting in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. I have a feeling whoever built it was not a “Mac freak” considering this is an original Apple I, which was released 8 or so years before the Mac.

    • Ken

      I believe the “Mac Freak” was named Woz!

    • Ken

      I think this was made by the 1st mac freak – Woz!

    • Holo

      That’s the original Apple built by Steve and Steve. Duh.

    • Timewind

      More to the point, this link, which tells you that this is not some new project, but a vintage Apple I. There were no Macs back then, Apple was just a few people in a garadge. (Not to say that this wasn’t an impressive machine, especially back then…

    • Jeffrey

      WOW! you are dumb thats the first apple computer made by steve jobs and his buddy in there garage… wow… NOT THE FIRST MAC FREAK oh well he was but now he is the CEO of APPLE!!!!!

    • angelina

      nice computer it’s origanal

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